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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

And So Week 2 Begins!

Week two day one is done! That means I'm 1/3 of the way to completing this program! It also means I only have to do Total Body Cardio Fix one more time!!! And that makes me most excited, as I think it's the hardest workout of all 7 of them.

 Yesterday I was creative with my meals again, and didn't really follow my meal plan. Instead I just kept track of what containers I had used and what I had left. For lunch I had a tasty salad with chicken. Dinner included seasoned steak, zucchini fries and a small baked potato. One thing I didn't do well was actually eating all of my containers, and I did eat a small homemade granola bar :-/ I was making them for the hubby, as he is gone for 3 days for training for his new job, and I just couldn't resist!!!

Otherwise the day was uneventful... I'm on a stretch of working 10 nights in a row and am excited that once I'm done this stretch of working I will only have 4 days left of this workout program! And I'm excited that Thanksgiving is AFTER I've completed 21 Day Fix and so it's something else to look forward too and focus on when I'm craving something right now.

If you've ever done a really strict workout and meal plan before what helped you get through it? What did you do to stay focused and on track and not give into skipping a day or eating food not on your list?? Leave a comment below to share your helpful tips and tricks!

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

PS I wore my PiYo shirt for my workout today, and I think it was confused about why I was doing 21 Day Fix :-) I shall remedy that problem when I complete this workout program and get my 21 Day Fix shirt!

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