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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

3 Ways To Survive Holiday Parties

Don't let the holidays leave you feeling yuck, stuck, and icky!
This time of year it’s so hard to think about weight loss of even maintaining - that was my goal going into December but it's left me feeling like poop. With all the parties, events, special seasonal treats, and food gifts it’s so easy to convince myself that I’ll just do better in January, restart with those 2020 resolutions.

But if you follow me on social media you know that  I’m done with putting off feeling great, so here’s to day 3 of being back on eating food that leaves me feeling awesome AFTER! And choosing my treats.

So how do we navigate the season and not miss out?

Here’s three things I’m going to start implementing.

1. Neither starve nor binge before a party. Sometimes we believe that lie that we can save up all our calories and then go all out at dinner, this is not a good plan! Or maybe we swing the opposite and throw the whole day away knowing we will be treating ourselves that night. Instead I'm going to eat my normal healthy foods, maybe even eat dinner at home before I go and choose my 1-2 favorite treats and have them in reasonable portions.

2. When appropriate offer to bring a salad, that way I always know I have at least one solid go to food that I can feel good about. What host doesn't love the offer to bring food to share?! So it's a win win!

3. Finally, make it less about the food and more about the people. Don’t stand around the serving tables, instead move the conversations away from the food and tune more into the people I’m surrounded by. I went to the part to socialize didn't I? So I don't need to make it about the food.

I'd love to hear your go to ways of not allowing parties and get togethers to derail you in the comments below.

Filled with Hope,