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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

It Wasn't What I Had In Mind, Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving wasn't what I thought it was going to be this year, but isn't that true for all of 2020? đŸ˜†Still, in my head, I had this vision of how we were going to celebrate, who we were going to celebrate with, and where, but, to make a long story short, things didn't work out. So, I had a choice: feel left out and be miserable the whole day OR make new plans and make the most of it.

After checking in with the Hubster we decided to host Thanksgiving at our home and invited three couples that we knew didn't have anyone else to celebrate the holiday with. We had a ridiculously huge feast, great company, fun, and WAY too much pie! Thanksgiving plans that started out as a bummer, turned into something even better.

Our guests included some of our dearest and longest friends on Maui who have invited us to their holiday get-togethers in the past. We invited some neighbors from down the road who hold a very special place in our hearts, as well as new neighbors that just moved into the house above us.

Looking back over the day, I realized that I never had any sense of trying to make a "Pinterest perfect" Thanksgiving. Normally I would've been Instagramming every plate of food, pie, recipe, centerpiece, and turkey feather, but filling up my phone with pictures for social media never crossed my mind. I attribute this to the 40-day fast I recently took from social media. The weight of comparison and documenting my every move with pictures and posts completely left me and I soaked up this Thanksgiving day with fresh eyes and appreciation.

And you know what? I didn't spend a dime! Jake and I have been trying to spend less these days, and so I had already budgeted our Thanksgiving food into my last grocery shopping
trip. Our 10lb turkey managed to feed us all, and our guests brought lots of sides to share. So I didn't need to buy anything else. Combine that with my freedom from social media and the need to buy that special dish or decoration or napkin set or scented candle or whatever just because so-and-so Instagrammed her beautiful table arrangement and made me jealous, and I was golden! The boys and I made handprint turkey place cards and Toby and I made centerpieces out of glass vases, silk autumn leaves, corn kernels, and pinecones that we had gathered from the forest. The table may not have been "Instagram-able," but it was memorable!

It was all such a good reminder that it isn't about what the table looks like. It's not about having the biggest turkey or having the most Pinterest-worthy setup. It's about being present, having fun, thinking of others, and getting creative with what you already have.

As we head into a month of parties, dinners, and celebrations I hope I, and you, remember what it's really about. The greatest gift of all, the gift of a Son and eternal life! And while I know my kiddos are getting lots of gifts from all those who love them dearly, I hope to use this weird year to really slow down and talk about the only gift that matters this season through advent and purposeful conversation.

How was your Thanksgiving? Who did you get to celebrate with? What was your favorite dish?

Filled with Hope,