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Monday, November 3, 2014

Restart of the 21 Day Fix

It's a little past midnight, which makes today the official start of the 21 Day Fix. Ok, so I tried to  start twice before, once back in September and then again in October, but I honestly was not as dedicated as I am this time around.

So, what's different??

Meal Planning for the 21 Day Fix I created meal plans - I know exactly what I can eat and have a 7 day meal plan that I can do three times. I have it color coded and posted on the fridge.

I went grocery shopping - After putting together my meal plan I created a grocery list and went and got everything I'll need.

My gym for the 21 Day FixI have a 'gym' - When my husband and I first moved to Grandma's house I would change my workout location daily. I used the porch, my bedroom, the living room and the basement. This time around I created a set place to workout in and made it fun with chalk messages to myself :-)

I set a good start date - I planned to start this round with my current Challenge Group, as the group is 21 days long and it's a great way for me to be accountable to them.

 I told people - I have been talking about completing the 21 Day Fix in November for several weeks now. I have told my Challenge Group, my Facebook friends, my husband and other friends in person. I have also planned to write daily about it on here, to keep myself focused and working towards my goals.

So, what's the same?

 My schedule - I still work full-time doing overnights, which can be hard to figure out when to workout. I also work for 3 hours in the afternoon 5 days a week. So, my schedule isn't any lighter, but I am bound determined to make it work!

 I live in Candy Land - I still live in a house with a Grandma that loves to have candy, cookies and desserts on hand for the family. I have my meal plan this time though, with 3 meals and two snacks to keep me full and fueled throughout the day.

Some of my biggest hurdles from before still exist, but my mindset is different and this time I have a plan! I am ready to do this thing right, and get my t-shirt to prove it ;-)

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

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