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Monday, November 10, 2014

First Week of 21 Day Fix, DONE!

7 Days Completed of 21 Day FixIf you are just reading this blog you may want to look back over the last couple days, as I have been blogging about my experience about completing the workout program 21 Day Fix.

I just finished up my first weekend of the 21 Day Fix. It's definitely harder to stay on track during the weekend, but overall my planning seemed to pay off!

I was gone to an over-night retreat with our youth group girls Fri-Sat, and packed all my meals and snacks to bring with me. That was a good thing as they had Chocolate Chip Pie with Ice Cream and Hot Fudge! I managed to resist the urge to eat them and instead had some fruit, which was pretty good! Fruit is becoming my new desert, along with Shakeology.

Throughout the weekend it was so HARD to keep from eating every sweet I saw! I don't know why it was so much harder than the rest of the week, but it was! I'll admit I stole a couple of candy corn and switched out a few of my containers for a small slice of homemade pizza, but overall I resisted, even though in the moment it was not fun!

Having the freedom of switching around what my meals were, as long as I stuck with the containers and right portions, is so HELPFUL! I like having the meal plan to give me ideas of what to have and not have to think about it if I don't want, but sometimes when it comes time to eat don't want what's on the list.

I'm finally not feeling so sore! I can walk up and down the stairs without having to clutch the railing for fear that my legs would give out and I might come crashing down! The massage my awesome husband gave me on Saturday may have helped with this a bit ;-)

One week of this workout is officially done and only 14 days to go! (I even have the hubby reminding me how many days left, in order to encourage me to stick with it.)

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  1. Really proud of all your hard work in this area, babe! Keep it up! -Hubster