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Friday, April 3, 2015

Beachbody Isn't Just A Business Anymore

I love the idea of blogging, but apparently I don't actually love blogging... Or at least that's what it looks like :-)

I think my lack of posts is because I was trying to write content I thought people would want to read, instead of just sharing my journey and using this as a journal. So, let's see if a journal is a little more successful!

In March I had the AMAZING opportunity to go to Clearwater, Florida for a retreat with the coaches on the Moxie Crew. I was super excited to finally meet these women, who previously I had only known through Facebook. Plus my heart needed the warmth, the friendship of other women, and a reminder of why I love Beachbody.

Here's a few photos from the weekend and some of my favorite memories!

Beachbody is like a family!

The two women in the photo above were my roommates! We had a bunch of fun and I'm so glad we ended up together. The three of us are all in very different places in life—engaged and working full-time, married and working part-time, married and staying home with the kiddos—BUT what we had in common was a love for people, a joy for inspiring others in their health and fitness journeys, and creating freedom for ourselves. 

Beachbody is like a family!

This is Dory, a friend of mine from back in 2002 when we worked at summer camp together. We hadn't seen each other in 10 years before the retreat. We reconnected when I saw Dory sharing her journey with Beachbody on Facebook, and it was because of seeing her talk about PiYo that I joined her challenge group. Three weeks into that group I decided to become a coach as well so I could help others get great results like I did. Dory is now a full-time coach with Beachbody in order to be able to stay home with her two handsome boys—who, by the way, stole my heart while I visited Dory in Florida.

Beachbody is like a family!

In the coaching world I like to call Dory my "mom" and Laura my "grandma" as those are their respective positions in my life. Laura is an AMAZING leader who is passionate about what she does and creating opportunities for others. She doesn't keep all her amazing ideas and training groups to herself, but instead uses it to empower the entire Moxie Crew family. Laura is a top 50 coach out of more than 270,000, earning a six figure income. She even retired her husband last fall. She is the picture of creating freedom through this business for your family!

Beachbody is like a family!

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing how amazing these women truly are. They don't post one thing on Facebook, when their reality is another thing altogether. They are the real deal! They are passionate about helping people. They love Jesus. They love their families and want to give them the best!

Beachbody is like a family!

Here is the whole team at our sunset picnic. They are my new sisters, women who are inspiring, uplifting, and willing to support one another 100%.

I went to the retreat to get inspiration and ideas for building my business. I left with a realization that they have become an extended family to me. Who doesn't want a bunch of women to hang out with that have similar goals and dreams, who are fun to be around, and strive to be the best they can be?!

That's what I love about my team! This isn't just a business, it's about being part of something bigger and having some of your best friends along for the ride. If you are looking for a place to belong or to be part of something bigger consider joining my team. You can email me at the top of the page!

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