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Monday, February 9, 2015

Good Intentions

This morning, during my post workout shower, I realized that I have Good Intentions... And those
don't always get anything done!

I have good intentions to eat clean, to get in the best shape of my life, to help 150 people with their health and fitness journeys this year and to build an at home business that can keep me home with future kiddos!

What I'm lacking though is that leap of faith to jump from the side of intentions to action! Why is it something we want so much we can sit back and never really chase after? Sometimes we even fool ourselves into thinking we are 'give it our all' and chasing after those dreams... But then when you take the time to stop and evaluate everything you could be doing versus what you are actually doing, you realize you are back on the 'good intentions' side of the bank.

It's a choice! My choice in this circumstance, but I'm sure you've been there too! The hard part is that it isn't one simple choice to jump the raging river of 'fear' to land on the other side of the bank, where I really want to be in the land of 'chase your dreams'. It's more like jumping rocks across the raging river, with each choice you make. Sometimes you jump forward a few rocks at a times, while other times you've turned back and are losing ground and maybe you didn't even know it :-/

Some of my 'rocks' I need to cross are:

Getting up in the morning, and not hitting snooze!
Eating clean and healthy for life, not as a fad!
Creating new content for my challenge groups that will really encourage and motivate those who participate in them!
Creating opportunities to mentor others in the business to give them hope of coming home to their kiddos, lightening their families financial burden or just doing something they love!
Making my personal time with the Lord more meaningful and not just on my to do list, which happens sometimes :-/
Spending quality time with my husband, friends and family - where I'm not on facebook or chatting with other people online at the same time!

I'm sure there are tons of others, but those are the areas that jump out at me as needing work on.

So, why don't I just do it, or better yet why haven't I yet?? FEAR!

Fear that:

I'll follow these workout programs and never look like 'that girl'.
I will never be able to not eat junk food throughout the day when it is so easily accessible.
No one will join my groups, or won't find them to be encouraging or helpful.
I won't know how to lead someone else to do what I do and be successful at it as I'm still working at the successful part.
If I chase after my God He may take me through some hard things in order to mold and make me who He wants me to be.
That I might miss out on something or miss an opportunity to help someone.

I don't want to live by fear though, I want to live with reckless abandon and be able to look back and know that no matter the outcome I gave it EVERYTHING I had and have no regrets!

What is something you have had 'good intentions' about today but need to jump over that river of fear to chase those dreams?

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

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