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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Aloha! Oh, Wait... I'm in VT Now :-(

February Challenge Group www.fatgurlinside.comIt's back to the cold, snowy winter for me! Gone are the days of summer bliss in January, and back in the sub-zero world!

Transitioning back has been a little rough on multiple fronts. Of course it's COLD here, so I'm back to wearing layers, running from the house to the car and staying inside as much as possible. The five hour time change seems harder on this end and so far I've been having a hard time sleeping. Lastly I ate JUNK while flying back, as that was really my only option, and it made me feel like poop!

I started up the 21 Day Fix round 2 on Monday, and I can tell I took a vacation :-) I'm also back to eating healthy, and am already feeling so much better! Honestly even though I wouldn't mind a cookie or some candy when I think about how it made me feel it's not hard to pass it up!

I came home running full speed as far as my online coaching goes. I started up a new accountability group for a super small, dedicated group on Monday. I'm working on another group to start on February 23rd after having multiple people inquire about a group :-) I updated my Facebook profile and cover photo, created an image for the new group and have been getting in touch with those who have shown interest.

I love what I am doing though, and if by putting in all of this hard work may allow me to continue to help support others on their health and fitness journey, while providing me the opportunity to stay home with future kiddos, and someday move to Maui, it's so worth it! Nothing worth having comes easy!

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

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