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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Most Common Objection

Being Healthy and Happy May Have A Cost Typically when I start talking with people about joining one of my online fitness accountability groups the most common thing they object to is the cost. Believe me, I'm no stranger to being thrifty. I have a second blog that I run with my husband called Penny Pinching Prose, so, trust me. I get it.

But the money choices we make every day deeply influence how we feel about ourselves, and so it becomes vitally important to, not only our budget, but our self-image to make wise money decisions.

It's sad, and admittedly a little frustrating, when I approach a prospective client about health and fitness and find them reeling at the idea of having to invest money in a workout program. Yet I don't see them hesitating to buy fancy nail stickers, long lashes, makeup products, scented candles, cleaning products, new cookware, tupperware or any one of a dozen other things that make them look good on the outside, but don't help them achieve their fitness goals. Am I saying anything is wrong with purchasing ANY of these products, NO!!!!! (Please don't send me hate mail if you purchase these, sell these or have thrown these parties, I think they are great products!) But there's a big difference to me between looking great on the outside and feeling great on the inside.

This summer I decided to make my health and fitness a priority, so I cut back on spending in some areas to make it fit into my budget. I chose not to buy the expensive candles and opted for those at Walmart and Christmas Tree Shop. I wear cheap jewelry, buy inexpensive makeup, and make some of my own cleaning products at home. I even saved my Shaw's stickers for a new free pan! Such sacrifices may not feel that glamorous to some, but it's allowed me to afford things like Shakeology and new workout programs, things that serve as an investment in my self-confidence.

Sometimes we choose to spend money on things that make us appear outwardly how we want to feel, but it doesn't change how we feel about ourselves on the inside. This doesn't mean you have to exercise yourself into a size 2, it just means that you need to put in the hard work of getting there yourself, and not relying on makeup and nail polish to do it for you.

So, why do I do what I do? Because this fat gurl inside wants to stay fat inside, but look great on the outside! Exercise is a great stress reliever for me. Being active and raising my heart rate is good for my body. Drinking Shakeology ensures I get all the nutrients I need, plus I don't skip breakfast anymore. Finally, because I KNOW these products work! I KNOW joining an online accountability group will help me reach my health and fitness goals. I KNOW I feel good when I can support, encourage and celebrate other's successes when they allow me to act as their coach.

So, if you have goals, desires, dreams or a doctor on your back and you want to be successful in toning up, losing weight, being fit, and getting healthier, I hope you will think of me and let me have the privileged of serving your as coach!

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

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