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Friday, January 16, 2015

All In For February

Hustle and Heart Will Set You Apart www.fatgurlinside.comLast night I was on a team call for Beachbody, talking about Hustle and Heart Will Set You Apart. It
was a great team call and got my creative and business juices flowing :-) I love what I do as an online fitness coach. I LOVE getting to inspire, encourage, hold accountable and uplift other's on their own health and fitness journeys. I can't tell you how warm and fuzzy my heart gets when I get a message from someone thanking me for my positive, motivating posts about health and fitness specifically!

In February my personal mantra is going to be 'All In'. I want to be be all in for my business as my goal is to build this to the point of doing it full-time and having the freedom to work from home doing something I LOVE, instead of just working a job to pay the bills. I want to go all in with my challenge groups in multiple ways, I'll describe this a little more below. I want to go all in with how I use my time, as I currently don't have a full-time job and it's easy to find myself slacking. I want to go all in with being intentional with what I put into my life, devotions, scripture, personal development... Etc... You get the idea :-)

One thing that sets me apart as a Beachbody Coach is my willingness to allow anyone who purchases a program though me, or already has a program and switches to me as their coach, to participate in my online Challenge Groups. Some coaches only allow customers who buy a program AND Shakeology to participate. While I totally get why they do that, because they and I believe in how amazing Shakeology really is and by doing both you are much more likely to get the results you are working towards, I personally have not made that a requirement.

This next month, in February I plan to host THREE different types of Challenge Groups, and here is a description of each of them:

Free Challenge Group: 

In December I started a free 30 Water Challenge Group, and it was a hit. I've decided to open up a dedicated Facebook group to host monthly free challenges including targeting specific areas, clean eating etc.

Challenge Group: 

I will hold a typical challenge group for anyone that chooses to purchase a program through me, or has in the past. This group will have more structure than the free one and I will post daily content, encouragement, challenges and check ins for those participating. At least once a week I will contact you if you go MIA from the group.

Finally the one I'm MOST excited about for February!!!

All In Challenge Group: 

This group with have a limit of 5 women who are willing to go ALL IN with me! That means they will use a Beachbody Program of their choice, and commit to following the workout schedule it comes with. They will drink Shakeology, the best meal of the day, daily. They will also commit to doing their best at following the eating plan that comes with their program. This group is for those who are serious, willing to give it all to get the results they want, women only! I am limiting it to only 5 women because on top of what you will receive in a typical challenge group this group I will be holding much more accountable, either calling, texting or messaging you individually DAILY. The participants in this group can expect to get the best results any group of mine has EVER gotten if they stick with their commitment. At the end of this group I am going to ask each participant to write a review of how the group went for them and what they accomplished in our time together.

The deadline to sign up for either the Challenge Group or the All In group is January 21st, to ensure that you will have your program in time to go over, look at the eating plan and be ready to start February 2nd. If this sounds like something you are interested in or ready to commit to please fill out this form and or message me for more info!

Looking forward to serving you through one of my groups this year!

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

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