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Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's The Little Choices

Get off the bench and into the game!I love sports, but I have not often had the opportunity to play them. However, thanks to my three younger sisters, I've been able to attend plenty of games—basketball, softball, and soccer.

Soccer is the sport I have the biggest soft spot for, probably because it's the only sport I ever played—once when I was a kid and again in Bible College. My love of soccer is also tied to the pace of the game and even, I think, the time of year.

Sadly, this fall marks the first time in six years that none of my sisters are playing because they have all graduated high school. Furthermore, since recently moving to a new town, I am too far away to make the trip to watch their old high school team play.

However, interestingly, I found out a few weeks ago that one of the coach's who used to coach my sisters is now a coach for the team in my new town. I have memories of his distinct voice thundering across the soccer field.

So this week I was feeling like exploring my new town and decided to head over to the high school and check out the first soccer game of the season. I packed a blanket and brought along a Pumpkin Pie Spice Shakeology.

A few minutes into the game it appeared that the athletic director, who had been running the ball, didn't really want to be running the ball. So, I offered to do it for him, which meant running up and down a 110 yard field for 80 minutes, which is a workout all in itself, but I did it in an attempt practice making healthier choices.

I mean, how many times do I take the elevator to travel three floors when the stairs will work just fine? How often do I look for a closer parking spot when parking a little further away and walking gives me just a little bit more exercise?

Now, not everyone would chose to run the ball for the local high school soccer team, but I like soccer, and running the ball gave me a chance to pay closer attention and get some exercise. So why not?

If we're going to get serious about getting into shape, we need to get serious about all the little decisions we make throughout the day. Take the stairs. Park further away. Walk to the soccer game. Run the ball! It's these little choices that are easy to do, but also easy not to do. It's these little choices that add up over time and can either help you get a lot closer to reaching your goals or drag you much further away from them.

What will you choose to do today to put you one step closer to reaching your goals? I want to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below.

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

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