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Friday, October 23, 2020

The Most Beautiful Pumpkin Patch

If any year has made it challenging to keep up with traditions this would be the one! Whether it's parties, holidays, parades, theme parks, trips, annual activities, or something else, most of them have been canceled, closed, postponed, or been so needlessly hampered by regulations that they're just not fun anymore.

It was the same for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, the most beautiful pumpkin patch in the world if you ask me ;-) It's one of the few things Toby has done every year of his life. The boys love it and they talk about it for weeks afterward.

But this year I almost didn't take them. New regulations, masks required for adults in the hot sun, time limits, and no corn maze, it almost didn't seem worth it. Thankfully both of our boys are still under five and are not required to wear a mask so for them it wasn't quite as bad. So I put my own annoyance aside and decided to take them. They had a blast! Though they were disappointed there was no corn maze, they had no issue turning the sunflower patch into one of their own. Sort of. LOL!

So here's my photo dump, all the photos I would normally share on stories or my feed :-)

What are some of your favorite fall traditions? Here on Maui, this pumpkin patch is mine, but when we are in New England I love getting my dad's side of the family together for an afternoon of apple cider making :-)

PS. The more days that go by on my social media fast the less I think about it. I find myself enjoying the moments for myself instead of trying to capture them to share with the world. Learning to store up these moments as treasures in my heart and mind.

Filled with Hope,

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