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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How I lost 5lbs In Two Weeks On My Porch!

Do you ever find yourself settling for less because you think it's the best it's ever going to get—it could be your job, finances, living conditions, health/fitness, kids behavior, etc.?

How to get the fitness results you've been wanting!That's where I found myself recently. I had worked hard at my personal health and fitness over the course of three years. Even though I was proud of what I had accomplished, I was still comparing myself to others: "She's doing the same program as me. How come her results are better?"

But it wasn't a question of who was getting better results. It had to do with commitment. If I was completely honest with myself I would realize that I wasn't pushing myself like I could have.

Was I following the eating plan 100%?

Was I pushing myself to the max in each workout by upping my repetitions, weights, and effort?


Well, then why was I complaining?

Two weeks ago I decided to stop the comparison game. Instead of making excuses and complaining that I wasn't getting the same results, I decided to own my process and my results.

I went all in. I began meal prepping four days at a time to make it easier to stay on track. I picked a fitness program that is cardio agility based along with strength training and increased my weights from ten to fifteen pounds. When I wanted to stop before the clock hit zero I went even harder.

I still have a whole week left, but the five pounds I've lost along with several inches from those stubborn places like my waist is inspiring. I plan to charge through week three!

Here's a sneak peek of my results so far!

If you've found yourself settling in your health and fitness, making excuses, hitting a plateau, or just needing to up your game, then this program is for you.

It's only three weeks long, but it's delivering inspiring results, and that's hugely motivating. If you are looking to step up your fitness, get some quick results to keep you motivated, and/or get past a plateau, then let me know. I'll give you more details about what I'm doing and help you reach your fitness goals too!

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

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