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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

21 Day Fix EXTREME Results!

21 days of extreme workouts + an easy but strict eating plan = RESULTS! Was it always easy, NO! But did I stick to the workouts every day and follow the meal plan for the most part, YES!

21 Day Fix Extreme isn't designed for someone that just got off the couch for the first time in three years, but instead is for those who have begun their journey and are ready to step up their game! I was intimidated by it at first, and that's why it took me two months to get up the nerve to go all in. I learned so much about myself through this process though! I can do hard things, I can stick with something through the end and continue to push myself!

This winter, I kind of slacked on my fitness and healthy eating. Yes, I tried and honestly it's one of the things that kept me going during those darkest months when I was depressed and just wanted to give up on everything. So for that I'm thankful. Once I started the journey out of my dark pit I wanted to see what I was made of, what I could do! So, this program seemed like the perfect place to go!

Here are my before and afters! 

Results from 21 Day Fix Extreme

I'm still not where I want to get, I really want to see some ab definition, but I know now that I can get there! I did cheat a few times on my eating, and because of that I know that I didn't get the ultimate results that I could have. Abs really are made in the kitchen! I can feel the muscles there but they are hiding under a layer of fluff created by my food choices.

So... That's why I've been learning about clean eating and how food can either heal our bodies or wreak havoc on them! And that's why my next challenge group is going to be sharing about how to eat clean, why you should consider it, recipes and facts. 

This group will be starting on May 25th with a deadline to sign up this Friday May 15, to ensure you get your program and everything you need to start on time. I will help you pick the right program for you, give you support on a daily basis during the group, offer accountability, motivation and encouragement as we journey to being healthy, strong and confident women! For more information or to sign up you can send me a message on facebook, click the contact button at the top or leave a comment :-)

Eat Clean and Get Lean Challenge Group

Are you ready to look and feel your best?? Join me on this journey!

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

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