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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Reason I Love Being a Health and Fitness Coach

10 Reasons I Love Being a Health and Fitness CoachLately life has been a little crazy... Ok, maybe a little more than a little, but you get my drift!

Between moving, working full-time, working on our house to help it sell, picking up extra work doing respite for a family and then church and ministry stuff my life is busy! Add to all of that the fact that I'm also doing my online coaching, which would be easy to let slide right now because it's many hours of extra work each week... But I LOVE it too much to give up on it.

So, today I decided to share 10 reasons I love about being a coach!

1. By coaching I am able to keep myself  accountable to my health and fitness goals. It would have been easy to stop working out and eating healthy after completing my first program, but I want to make a life change of being healthy!

2. This job is helping me learn more about nutrition and healthy eating! Each challenge group I do I learn a little more about what it really means to eat healthy, which honestly can be so confusing if you don't do your homework (or have awesome challengers that help you with that part :-)

3. The products that I personally use, and promote, work! I am proof of this and only because of that proof did I become a coach. I could never talk people into something I wasn't passionate about and also believe that it could work for them too.

4. I get to help people, I love people! I get to be a cheerleader and encouragement to them mainly online, which is way easier than trying to get together with people in person with our busy schedules.

5. I am my own CEO make my own hours and schedule. I determine how successful or unsuccessful I will be! I am the head honcho for my business, which is daunting and scary and yet awesome and exciting too!

6. I have renewed hope that one day I will get to stay at home with my imaginary (for now) children and not have to sacrifice financial freedom to do so. I am a HUGE advocate for debt free living, and this business will allow me to keep doing that.
10 Reasons I Love Being a Health and Fitness Coach
7. My team is awesome, supportive, encouraging and desires to see everyone succeed. Many of them are sisters in Christ who also have a desire to stay home with their kiddos, and they are a great community of online friends!

8. I can work from home, on my time frame in my pajamas if I like! No commute and no dress code. If it's nice out I work on the porch. If it's rainy or cold I work under my blankets in bed! Not many jobs allow you to do this.

9. It's fun! Getting to encourage people, connecting with old and new friends, supporting people in reaching their goals and being healthy and fit is fun! A cousin of mine recently saw me at a wedding and said, "You look like you are having the time of your life!" This was in response to what she had been seeing me post on my Facebook. And you know what, she was right!

10. My job allows for me to have a creative outlet. I get to create pictures, quotes and group photos in Photoshop or you could use Canva, Picmonkey or another online editing program. I get to pick out the format for my groups, what the daily posts will be and what the group theme is. It's a lot of fun to decide what it is I want to be represented by!

I could definitely list more reasons, but will stick with my top 10 for now! If any of those 10 reasons resonates with you, and makes you wonder if you could do something like this, I would love to talk to you about joining my team! I am looking for individuals who are willing to put in some hard work to reach their dreams, whatever those dreams are. So, if you would like more info feel free to email me at, leave a comment on this or friend me on Facebook.

Speaking of that busy life I'm living, I gotta go!

Dani the Fat Gurl Inside

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