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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Don't Be Scared Of Halloween

Teddy has recently gotten hooked on the YouTube show Steve and Maggie (Jake and I find it completely obnoxious, but there could be worse things he wants to watch I suppose.) There are several Halloween specials that Teddy just adores; in fact, it's kinda funny how he is so enthralled with Halloween and yet Toby loves all things Christmas. Anyway, Teddy sings, in the cutest little voice, "don't be scared of Halloween, when witches and ghosts come out to play..." And, folks, lemme tell ya, it's adorable 😍

Halloween looked different for us this year with there being so many restrictions due to the pandemic. Our church normally hosts a Trunk or Treat event, and we have participated every year we've lived here, but they made the hard decision to not have it due to regulations here on Maui. Thankfully some friends invited us to a Halloween party and the boys had a blast—donut eating contest, pinata smashing, ziplines, and way too much candy! 

Originally our family was planning to coordinate Halloween costumes, but when I went to the store to get a few things for our Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf outfits—Teddy was going to be the wolf 😂—the boys weren't having it. Teddy didn't want to be a wolf or a pig, so I asked him what he would like to be. He found a fireman's hat and declared "FIREMAN SAM!" After much debate, Toby decided to be the same thing. Sigh. Ok, fine. I'd rather them have fun with it then force them into something they don't want to do.

So that left me and Jake. We haven't really done many "couple costumes," but I settled on a magician and his rabbit. 

It was a fantastic night, lots of laughs, so many friends, and something that felt truly normal. Now we are into November and Christmas lists are on my mind, Christmas cards have been ordered, and we are working on decorating the house 😆

Many of the traditions we have made around the holidays in years past will not be happening this year, so I'd love to hear some of your favorite traditions that you have done that we could still do. Please share them below! One of our favorite traditions is a walk through a neighborhood to admire the Christmas lights while chowing down on—don't judge us—McDonald's. 

Filled with Hope,


  1. We generally go to Santa's Village (probably our favorite tradition)

    We generally do the Polar Express that comes a close favorite to favorite. Can't do that either.

    We always trample through snow to find a tree...but this year we already picked it out ( every year we have had an Infant has been miserable so we got smart and did it before it was 15°) So that was totally different too..even the side of the tree.

    Nothing this year is the same for us and traditions have been hard for us to keep- for some reason or another....but we will be together..we will be celebrating Jesus and we might just find a new tradition we love!

    Our biggest plan is to surprise Zack's grandfather with a giant tree (actually- the very tree my parents were saving for US for this year ��)
    Ornaments and cookie ingredients for a day of trimming the tree and cooking. They haven't had a tree in years.

    1. So smart on picking a tree ahead of time!! And giving his grandfather your giant tree sounds so fun!!! I'm trying really hard to not focus on all we can't do and instead come up with special new things to do this year, maybe they will become traditions or maybe they will just be the fun memories we created for 2020. ~Dani