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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

That Post Holiday Feeling

Enjoy the holidays without the bloat and weight gain!For the last 4 years, on the Monday after a holiday weekend, I would have been that friend posting
something like:

“Did you eat ALL the things this holiday like I did? If so, you might be feeling as yucky, bloated, and tired as me too. Let’s get back on track together."

But that's not me today.

Today, I come from a place of enjoying my holiday without making it about food. 🙌🏻

I was able to enjoy a bit of that sweet potato casserole that my mom always made, along with a cookie and a tiny key lime pie from my Fixate cookbook, without gorging myself until I felt "yucky" and "bloated." This year, the holiday time together was about friends and family and not about what was on the table.

I'm finally in a place of feeling good and in control. My decision to stick with my workouts and follow my eating plan allows me to actually LOSE weight over the holiday. Imagine that!

But it’s taken me years to get to this place.

It's taken me years to realize that I DO have the tools to overcome eating "all the things." I don’t have to look back over a holiday weekend and regret that I have to work hard to lose the weight I had gained.

It’s truly about a lifestyle change.


Recipes the whole family can eat that don’t cut out any food groups, that are wholesome, homemade, and with the right balance of macro nutrients <—- without all the work that can bring.

I’ve needed this in my life for a long time, and maybe you have too.

I’m not going to beg you to join me, because it truly is a lifestyle change and something you have to be ready to make for yourself, but if you ARE ready, I’m here to coach you through it as a certified Ultimate Portion Fix coach!

If you’re not ready, that’s OK too, but if that ever changes I’ll still be here, still doing this thing, because this is about a lifestyle!

Filled with Hope,

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